Cluster Kits

The Ultimate Bosom Budy


Have you got a loved one or friend due a baby in the near future? Do you want to buy a non-baby gift, something just for the mum? Are you struggling for ideas? Are you a partner watching the love of your life struggling and can do nothing to help, or are you simply fed up of the constant requests... Can I have a brew? Drink? Snack? Lip balm? Tissue? This gift may be the answer. One nice little bag containing in excess of 25 items, 5 of whitch are reusable. All the items a breastfeeding mum needs, with a Cluster Kit.



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About me


Hi. I'm nic a 34 year old professionl adult with a career, you know the type, critical of just mums, critical of mums who give up full time work, of mums that spent full days in their pajamas, of mums, who hardly managed to dress for school run "christ how hard can it be raising a child"... When I have babbies I'll do this, I'll do that, I'll be breast feeding, I'll be using the reusable nappies (still in the original box never, been opened and back on eBay) I'll be going back to work at six months... When I have babbies I'll be continuing to rock climb and hike, to kayak and to holiday abroad, etc etc etc... Picture me back in my size 8/10 trousers holding up a cute cherub like small person, in my eyes I was going to be an awsome mum, I was afterall a professional adult with experience in time and people management.

Yea right!! Was I in for a shock!!! Breastfeeding, now that alone is hard work...


What is cluster feeding?


Cluster feeding is a breastfeeding pattern displayed when a baby groups several feedings closer together at a certain point in the day. Basically, the baby eats a bunch of small feedings in one big spurt. ... More often than not, cluster feedings occur in the evening hours during the baby's fussy period... and what does that mean for mum? Breastfeeding every hour, on the hour, hardly being able to move from the sofa or bed...


Why cluster kits?


The idea behind this project is born from the hard time I had during the early days of breastfeeding.

I personaly developed a small kit I used to drag about in one of the million gift bags I received. It was full of items I always needed but were just out of my reach (I didn't always have my partner there or help...someone has to put dinner on the table) I'd have to replace the bag regularly as it fell to bits on me through over use. But it helped me greatly with self care, and health... It's amazing the feeling of brushing your teeth and washing your face can provide .