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I hope this little breastfeeding kit helps you along the way, it's a pack of all the things I needed that were just out of reach when I became incased on the sofa during the early days of being a mum. Some things to make you feel a little more human when you cant make the shower .. Or worse you get an unexpected visitor. A quick sugar hit to keep you going, a spork for one handed eating which you're about to become an expert at, some tender loving care for your nipples and lastly a little cover for dirty hair or your dignity... That can be used as a scarf later, It's all contained in a nice toiletry bag... As this keeps it all close to you whilst everything around you becomes a mess.. and because you deserve someone treating you to a weekend away very shortly and will need a bag.

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cluster kit


An excess of 25 handy items for the breastfeeding mum. Ranging from care and welness, to survival and sanity all packed in a nice and easy to access organizer bag.

Available in red, purple, green or black

£21.95 + postage




The same excess of 25 handy items for the breastfeeding mum but nicely packed in a portable toiletry bag with a hanging hook for dragging about house... from sofa, to bed, to...

Available in blue, pink or yellow

£21.95 + postage



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